• Left:  Dr. David Marcum, General Director 1991-2011.
  • Center:  Dr. LW Buddy Nichols, founder and first General Director, 1984-1991.
  • Right:  Hugh Davis, founding Board member, 1984-2011.


The story of Titus International began during a missions conference at Highland Park Baptist, in Chattanooga, TN. Dr. Buddy Nichols sensed the Lord's clear direction to start Titus in 1984, as a para-missions organization. The focus would be helping American missionaries to train nationals to reach their world, mainly through video-based Bible courses, taught by TN Temple University professors. In those early years, over 100 missionaries used the courses on their fields of service.

In January 1991, Dr. Nichols became the President of TN Temple University, and Dr. David Marcum became Titus' second General Director. Marcum had experience as a church-planter in Japan, and had served as BIMI's Far East Director. During his first year as Director of Titus, he made the first of two-dozen trips to the former USSR. Moved by the urgent need for trained Christian workers, he began taking short-term teaching teams to Ukraine the next year. Then, in 1993, Titus transitioned from a support ministry, to a missions agency. But, the emphasis would always be the same—training nationals to reach their world.

Titus grew to 15 US-based missionary singles/families, and over 100 national workers, from 1991-Dec. 2011, when Dr. Marcum retired. And the growth continues! Though the majority of Titus' early ministry was born in Eastern Europe, current expansion is world-wide. Titus missionaries are now also working in the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Far East.

After Dr. Marcum's retirement in December 2011, Rev. Fred Bennett (Titus missionary since 1995) served as Interim Director for one year. Then in Dec. 2012, the Board of Directors asked him to become Titus' third General Director, which position he has held up to the present. During his tenure, Titus has added new missionaries to the Titus Family. In Feb. 2014, Titus opened a Titus Far East office in Manila, Philippines, under the leadership of missionary Tom Dennison, who later in '14 also began TFE's Missionary Training School.

Today and in the future our missionaries, Board of Directors, and missionary partners will continue to be committed to seizing every opportunity for mobilizing and training nationals to reach their world, until Jesus comes.