Missionary Internship

If you believe the Lord may be leading you to career missionary work, a short-term, overseas internship is the place to start. Interns spend a significant amount of time personally assisting a missionary in ministry. They live, eat, sleep and breathe missionary ministry on the frontlines. Nothing has more potential to provide insight into the missionary life.

Although internships are perfectly suited to the college student (who could participate in a summer internship), they are possible for even couples and families. The details must be worked through with the missionary family. Because the missionary assumes no small risk in inviting someone to work with them for an extended time, internships are usually most productive when a pre-existing relationship with a missionary has been established. Interns must possess a humble servant's spirit, as they will work under the supervision and authority of the missionary.

If you are interested in such an opportunity, get to know a missionary. Has God used a particular missionary to influence your heart for missions? That missionary is the most obvious place to start. Make contact and explore the possibilities of an internship together. Do not be discouraged if an internship is not possible. There are good reasons why a missionary may not be able to accommodate an internship at a certain time.

As always, we are more than willing to counsel and advise you in pursuing a missionary internship. Please email us if we can be of assistance. Our prayer is that a summer internship will be used by the Lord to provide confirmation of His call for your life.