Ministry Partnership

In general, we do not specialize in organizing and leading overseas mission trips. If that sounds strange coming from a missionary agency, consider this—we aim to provide something more personal and effective! We facilitate ministry partnerships between local churches in the USA and our overseas partners. Don't just go on a mission trip—develop a partnership with an overseas ministry!

Many churches today are finding that less is sometimes more when it comes to missions! Instead of limited involvement with a long list of overseas missionaries, some churches are interested in specific, ongoing partnerships with a few overseas ministries. They have found that such intimate partnerships are more effective for both their local church and the foreign ministry.

In this model, a church may establish a relationship with a foreign ministry and participate in a variety of projects over the course of several years. Possible projects include a variety of opportunities that comprise every aspect of missionary ministry.

  • Evangelistic projects like soul winning, crusades, literature distribution, and youth outreaches help to reach the lost.
  • Specialized projects provide opportunities to work with medical teams, summer camps and orphanage ministries.
  • Teaching/training projects are developed to train workers and leaders in the local church or Bible institute.
  • Building projects offer a practical and important way to help the growing ministry with facilities.

The sky really is the limit in ways that you can personally and effectively partner with an overseas ministry. The experience will not only bless the missionary ministry, but will enhance and personalize your church's burden for missions. The best way to start such a ministry partnership is through building a personal relationship with a TITUS missionary. Of course, you can do that yourself through the contact info provided on this site. If you prefer, we would also be honored to assist you, please email us.