Strategic Partnerships

At TITUS, we are committed to building partnerships with individuals and groups in the body of Christ that can advance the Great Commission. We strive to be strategic—selective and purposeful—in our partnerships. These are the ways that we have chosen to partner with churches and individuals:

  1. Prayer partnerships form the foundation of our ministry and are encouraged for all believers.
  2. Financial partnerships are a practical part of God's plan to reach the world with the Gospel.
  3. Ministry partnerships bring local churches and foreign missionaries together in the work of missions.
  4. Missionary internships are designed for those who are considering a career in missionary service.
  5. Career missionary service is available for those led by the Lord to work full-time with TITUS.

These elements all work together to accomplish our main objective—training nationals to plant churches. If you share our passion for helping nationals reach their world, there is a place for you in our expanding circle of partners!

Prayer Partnership

Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest. (Mt 9:38)

Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ? (Col 4:3)

The Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul both underscored the priority of prayer in fulfilling the Great Commission. The Lord commanded his disciples to pray for the mission and Paul pleaded for others to pray for him. Those that choose to pray for the mission and the missionaries follow in the footsteps of some pretty important people!

TITUS missionaries—both foreign and national—need your prayer! To that end, we have designed our online prayer guide specifically for our prayer partners. This guide links our missionaries with their prayer letters to give you a format for praying for our TITUS workers. Will you seriously consider fulfilling this fundamental need of every missionary's ministry? Will you be a TITUS prayer partner?

Financial Partnership

TITUS International endeavors to conduct its financial affairs with high standards of ethics and accountability. Our annual audit is conducted by Larry Stophel, CPA. The audit report and 990's are available on request with full disclosures given to serious inquiries.

Since missionary outreach is undeniably the plan of God, we make no apologies for asking God's people to prayerfully contribute to the task! Here, as in other areas of service, the possibilities are limitless. How can one place a value on the worth of a soul and the wealth of the Gospel message?

Missionaries are called by God to devote their lives to preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ. These special servants of God include both foreign and national missionaries—co-laborers in the work of the Gospel. Some serve in hostile places, while others live in relative safety. A few labor in fertile fields that reap abundant harvest, but many toil in hardened soil that yields little for their sweat and struggle. They all share this in common: they deserve our prayer and our financial assistance for their obedience to God's call.

At TITUS, all of our missionaries live by faith! In the past, God has supplied our needs through the sacrificial gifts of His people. We truly believe that His resources will not fail to meet our need in the future. Will you allow the Lord to use you in this vital, practical, and Scriptural ministry?

You may send your donation to any missionary, project, or the general fund of TITUS to:

TITUS International
1515 McBrien Road
Chattanooga, TN 37412

Be certain to specify the missionary or project of your choice. Funds not designated are deposited in the general fund to underwrite the operational expenses of TITUS.

Or, if you prefer, you may donate on-line:

Donate Now

Thank you for allowing the Lord to use your gift to train nationals to reach their world!

Ministry Partnership

In general, we do not specialize in organizing and leading overseas mission trips. If that sounds strange coming from a missionary agency, consider this—we aim to provide something more personal and effective! We facilitate ministry partnerships between local churches in the USA and our overseas partners. Don't just go on a mission trip—develop a partnership with an overseas ministry!

Many churches today are finding that less is sometimes more when it comes to missions! Instead of limited involvement with a long list of overseas missionaries, some churches are interested in specific, ongoing partnerships with a few overseas ministries. They have found that such intimate partnerships are more effective for both their local church and the foreign ministry.

In this model, a church may establish a relationship with a foreign ministry and participate in a variety of projects over the course of several years. Possible projects include a variety of opportunities that comprise every aspect of missionary ministry.

  • Evangelistic projects like soul winning, crusades, literature distribution, and youth outreaches help to reach the lost.
  • Specialized projects provide opportunities to work with medical teams, summer camps and orphanage ministries.
  • Teaching/training projects are developed to train workers and leaders in the local church or Bible institute.
  • Building projects offer a practical and important way to help the growing ministry with facilities.

The sky really is the limit in ways that you can personally and effectively partner with an overseas ministry. The experience will not only bless the missionary ministry, but will enhance and personalize your church's burden for missions. The best way to start such a ministry partnership is through building a personal relationship with a TITUS missionary. Of course, you can do that yourself through the contact info provided on this site. If you prefer, we would also be honored to assist you, please email us.

Missionary Internship

If you believe the Lord may be leading you to career missionary work, a short-term, overseas internship is the place to start. Interns spend a significant amount of time personally assisting a missionary in ministry. They live, eat, sleep and breathe missionary ministry on the frontlines. Nothing has more potential to provide insight into the missionary life.

Although internships are perfectly suited to the college student (who could participate in a summer internship), they are possible for even couples and families. The details must be worked through with the missionary family. Because the missionary assumes no small risk in inviting someone to work with them for an extended time, internships are usually most productive when a pre-existing relationship with a missionary has been established. Interns must possess a humble servant's spirit, as they will work under the supervision and authority of the missionary.

If you are interested in such an opportunity, get to know a missionary. Has God used a particular missionary to influence your heart for missions? That missionary is the most obvious place to start. Make contact and explore the possibilities of an internship together. Do not be discouraged if an internship is not possible. There are good reasons why a missionary may not be able to accommodate an internship at a certain time.

As always, we are more than willing to counsel and advise you in pursuing a missionary internship. Please email us if we can be of assistance. Our prayer is that a summer internship will be used by the Lord to provide confirmation of His call for your life.

Career Missionary

So, what about you? Could the Lord be speaking to your heart about serving Him in missions? If so, we would love to talk to you about the possibilities of partnership with TITUS!

We are a "faith" missionary agency. By that, we mean that all of our missionaries rely upon the gifts of God's people to accomplish their work. All of our missionaries raise their own support from churches, family, and friends.

So, what does a TITUS missionary look like? Our missionaries exhibit:

  1. A clear profession of saving faith in Jesus Christ
  2. A powerful testimony of personal commitment to Jesus Christ
  3. A close relationship with a local, Bible-believing church in agreement with TITUS' doctrinal statement
  4. A definite call of God to missionary service
  5. A commitment to the philosophy of ministry espoused by TITUS

You might be the next missionary we've been waiting for! If you like what you see so far about TITUS, we would love to talk with you personally about opportunities in career service. Should the Lord lead you, give us a call or send us an email.